Tales from the Commonwealth: On Settlements and Institutes

I've been helping Preston and the Minutemen create settlements all over the Commonwealth. For a few weeks we've been trying to give everyone all the food, water, and protection they need to thrive. It's been difficult. Some of the settlements we've helped haven't received all the aid they need. It's a slow and excruciating process... still there is steady progress and that's all everyone can hope for.


Fallout 4 Gameplay Highlight: Olivia kills Kellogg in under a minute

Never invoke a mother's wrath. After chasing clues and tracking leads, Olivia finally comes face to face with her son's kidnapper: Kellogg. The conclusion of this cat and mouse game is short lived however, as Olivia's anger ends Kellogg's life in under a minute.

Tales from The Commonwealth: A Fallout 4 Journal – Meet Olivia

Hello there. I've been playing Fallout 4 for a little more than 30 hours now, I believe. According to my PipBoy, it's been 31 days since I've woken up from my 200 year slumber. Seeing as I will probably spend most of my free time wandering around the Wasteland, I've decided to chronicle my journey … Continue reading Tales from The Commonwealth: A Fallout 4 Journal – Meet Olivia