Life after The Great War has been tough for the people of the Commonwealth. Every where you go there’s something or someone lurking in the shadows waiting to kill you. You’re either hungry, thirsty, cold, dying from radiation, or being shot at by your fellow human beings. Sometimes it’s all of the above. I can’t believe that despite everything that’s happened 200 years ago, humanity is just as despicable as it was before shit went down.

I’ve been helping Preston and the Minutemen create settlements all over the Commonwealth. For a few weeks we’ve been trying to give everyone all the food, water, and protection they need to thrive. It’s been difficult. Some of the settlements we’ve helped haven’t received all the aid they need. It’s a slow and excruciating process… still there is steady progress and that’s all everyone can hope for.

I’ve decided to make Starlight Drive-in my main settlement. The area is big, and there’s a damaged section in the parking lot which we’ve converted to a healthy water source. It was hell to find the parts needed for the water purifier, but after a quick trip with Nick we were able to salvage some parts.

I’ve also constructed a building to house a few settlers. It took a day or more because some of the parts won’t fit. I’m no architect so I don’t expect myself to get things right the first time… or the first dozen times.

I expect Starlight Drive-in will get bigger as days progress. I won’t be turning off the beacon anytime soon. Though I have heard stories from settlers of hearing beacons for bigger and more extravagant settlements with thriving shops and comfortable shacks. It’s a pretty lofty idea since we’re in the middle of a post-apocalyptic era with a large organized crime group of baby snatchers; but for the sake of these poor souls who have not experienced a life better than this, I suppose it’s a lofty dream we can chase at the sidelines.

After handling a few settlements, Nick and I were off to meet Doctor Amari in Goodneighbor. Goodneighbor isn’t so bad. They’re non-judgmental that’s for sure. They’re also faithful to their ghoul mayor John Hancock. The man tried to save me from a scammer who met me when I first entered; said man then killed the scammer in broad daylight.

Goodneighbor isn’t so bad, they just have a few screws loose in their heads, that’s all.

Before I got any more sidetracked by the bizarreness that is Goodneighbor, I met with Nick at the Memory Den. He was already speaking with Irma, who I believe is Amari’s business partner She led us to Doctor Amari who was a little hesitant at first to accept with Nick’s proposal. But since she is a scientist after all, it’s hard to ignore the call of curiosity.

And so we invaded Kellogg’s mind.

Perhaps this is the part where I should feel sorry for the bastard. The man had a hard life and he lost his family, too. But should I really forgive the man for kidnapping my son and giving him to some shady organization who would just use him for their own benefit in the end of it all? I don’t think so.

It took every ounce of my willpower to not scream and shout for Shaun while I was in Kellog’s mind. I can’t believe what was happening before my eyes. My son feels so close yet so far away. I’m not even sure if he’ll recognize me.

No matter. I will find him and we will get to the truth of this. Thankfully, we did find some useful information, and we should be heading to the Glowing Sea as soon as possible. I already have a Power Armor, but I feel like I still need to stock up on some rad medication as well as guns and ammo. I may also need to update my Power Armor if I can. I have no idea what I’m going to face when I finally head out to find Virgil. I don’t want to risk dying to an irradiated body of water before I can even save my son.


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