Yes, this blog is still alive! And I thought it would be a good idea to kick things off with the annual tradition of plotting down my must-play games of the year. These are the games that I’ve been looking forward to regardless of whether the initial previews are bad or not.

Now I’ve written a longer list a couple of days ago that will suit gamers of different tastes for Rappler, and I will add the link or share it with you in a quick update when it’s published. But for this post, I will only share my personal list.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s been a while since I got excited about a new IP. I’ve actually been following Horizon Zero Dawn closely ever since E3 2016. I was lucky enough to try a brief demo of the game and despite having to fidget with the controls for a bit, I was really pleased with the gameplay and the combat.

It’s not your average speedy action game, but it’s fluid and requires quick reflexes. The female lead, Aloy, has a lot of tools under her belt and to maximize her weapons and utilities, one must have nimble fingers.

What I’m most excited for is the story itself. During 2016, we only knew very little about Aloy and her journey but the peculiar and beautiful setting and the strength of her character indicates that we’re in for a good story. Or at least, that’s what I’m really hoping for.

2. Detroit: Become Human

I’m a sucker for Quantic Dream games. Most of their titles have some of the best narratives, and when it comes to video games, stories are the easiest and fastest way for me to get sucked into them.

It’s even better that Detroit: Become Human combines two of my favorite themes: being unable to distinguish man from machine, and the quest for justice. Just seeing the E3 2016 trailer got me hyped. Of course, wiser gamers will tell me not to give in to the hype. But I am sincerely hoping that this game will meet my expectations.

3. Nioh 

Nioh could be a beast. There are claims that this could be just as difficult as Dark Souls, and it even borrows a couple of elements from the most masochistic triple A series made. I wouldn’t think that it’s fair for people to call it a Dark Souls clone. Nioh has a lot of core mechanics that are completely far from Dark Souls.

Even the feel of Nioh is different from Dark Souls. Whereas Dark Souls is heavily influenced by the West, Nioh is a marriage of Japan’s history and mythology. And even though I have completely fallen in love with From Software’s most iconic series, I am secretly hoping that Nioh is just a tiny bit easier than Dark Souls.

Please don’t let me spend months playing it.

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda

I’m also a sucker for Bioware’s games. Dragon Age: Inquisition will always be my favorite. But I would like to hope that Andromeda will also prove to be a great title now that it has a wide open world setting and new features.

Now, I thought for sure that Mass Effect would be done with the third installment, and I wouldn’t want the series to be ruined by Andromeda. But to be fair, this is an entirely new character with an entirely new objective, so I’m going to play this game with an open mind.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Here’s a game that brought fan boys and girls to their knees. Rockstar’s gem is back with a sequel and we couldn’t be happier. Even though we don’t know much yet, people are already coming up with theories regarding the setting and the characters of the game after a rather vague trailer.

Personally I hope that we really are reliving John Marston’s past. I would consider John Marston to be one of gaming’s greatest characters and it would be great to learn more of what shaped him to be who he was in the first Red Dead Redemption game.


What are other games that you would recommend me playing this 2017? Or even better what’s on your must-play list this year?


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