Getting good at For Honor

I am by no means a natural PvP expert. Whatever the game, it is certain that I will end up helplessly ripped to shreds before I find a sliver of hope, breeze through the learning curve all of a sudden, and finally "get good." The same is no different with Ubisoft's For Honor. I found … Continue reading Getting good at For Honor


Town of Salem has taken over my life

It was odd at first. The idea of accusing strangers on the internet or defending yourself from a semi-fictional and semi-literal mob was surreal. Yet for the most part, I owned my role and did whatever it took to succeed. Two weeks later, I now have an excel sheet of my strategies for every role in the game.

Highlights from ESL One Manila

It's been a couple of weeks since ESL One Manila but to me it still feels like it was yesterday. Finally, finally, an international premiere esports tournament has been held in the Philippines and I've never been more excited and proud. While we may have a bad rep for being toxic in games, there's no doubt that we're one of the most passionate people out there and it clearly showed at the event. The staff and organizers of the event never failed to mention to me that they have been blown away by the support of the Filipino fans. I'd like to take this as a sure sign that more international and large-scale tournaments will continue to be held in the country.

Tales from the Commonwealth: On Settlements and Institutes

I've been helping Preston and the Minutemen create settlements all over the Commonwealth. For a few weeks we've been trying to give everyone all the food, water, and protection they need to thrive. It's been difficult. Some of the settlements we've helped haven't received all the aid they need. It's a slow and excruciating process... still there is steady progress and that's all everyone can hope for.