Hello there. I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a little more than 30 hours now, I believe. According to my PipBoy, it’s been 31 days since I’ve woken up from my 200 year slumber. Seeing as I will probably spend most of my free time wandering around the Wasteland, I’ve decided to chronicle my journey through the eyes of my character: Olivia.


Tales from The Commonwealth #1 – Wasteland, Meet Olivia



Hello, my name is Olivia.

Two hundred years ago, my husband and I were preparing for some big day with our son Shaun. I don’t quite remember what we were preparing for, it was two hundred years ago after all. But I do remember our bathroom mirror having the mysterious power of shifting our faces.

I also remember myself making full use of this mysterious power. Within an hour or so I was able to make drastic changes to my face AND hair. My skin looked younger, my auburn hair turned jet black and was cut shorter, and my lips had a little more pout. I also gained a little more muscle, which was weird since I don’t remember our bathroom mirror being a full-length one.

But who am I to question its magical abilities?


It was an instant facial surgery. And my husband did not even notice it. He kept commenting that I looked exactly the way I did when he first fell in love with me – all while he was watching me shift and change my appearance at will. Liar.

Or perhaps he was just oblivious. Perhaps his obliviousness of the world around him was the main reason he was taken out of his job in the first place.

I do hope Shaun does not get that particular trait from his father. If it is the case though, then it would be a nightmare for me after I rescue him from this so-called Institute.

Fallout 4_20151122124011.jpg

Speaking of the Institute I believe I should also speak about how I was able to learn of my child’s fate, years after he was abducted. It wasn’t exactly simple, really. Then again, nothing is simple when you discover that you’ve been on ice for two hundred years. On my way out of Sanctuary Hills, after I found out Codsworth (my Mr. Handy) was still intact and still trying to tidy up our house (bless him), I met a German Shepherd wandering alone at the Red Rocket station.

How domestic animals stayed alive and healthy enough to continue breeding in this infernal post-apocalyptic environment is beyond me. PETA must be proud.

But seeing as this creature is one of the only living things that remained “normal” after the Great War, I let him accompany me on my quest.

We walked a short way before I found another effect of the Great War: violence. Brilliant, more bloodshed. Humans never learn. There was an encounter between a group of bandits (or Raiders as they’re now called) and a group of civilians .

This was all going down at the Museum of History by the way, so that’s quite an irony.


The civilians were led by a man named Preston. He had a fancy laser gun that looked like it came from this popular space fantasy fiction movie.

I aided them by grabbing a hunk of metal armor called Power Armor and a mini-gun, and basically getting rid of all the Raiders in the vicinity. Oh, and there was also a massive monster from the sewers of hell called Deathclaw.

Why Preston decided to just let me do all the work while he played support I would never understand. Perhaps he loves his fancy laser gun more than an almost invincible suit of armor.

After the brief adrenaline rush, we all grouped up back in the museum. From there, I met an old woman called Mama Murphy. She claims to have seen me in her visions.

It’s 2287 and we still have these medieval personalities going on about visions and fortune telling. What a time to be thawed out from a cryopod.

The charming lady also had a vision of them settling down in Sanctuary Hills. Right at the place where I last had decent quality time with my family before shit went down.

When we have settled down at Sanctuary Hills, the rag tag team pointed me towards the direction of Diamond City. I would have gladly ran to said location, but as this is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, I realized that I would have to gather resources such as weapons, ammo, and Stimpaks before I make the trip.

Perhaps Preston realized this early on, so he has asked my assistance again to help out and establish a few settlements to aid his faction called the “Minutemen.” He also inducted me into the group. Oh goodie, I finally feel like I have some place to belong!


By the time I finished sorting out some of the problems of Boston, I mean… The Commonwealth, I had a fresh set of supplies that would almost fill up my inventory. I suppose I should also tell you that I’ve developed a hoarding habit ever since I discovered that almost everything here is made from scratch.

Anyways, after deciding that I should really get on with saving my son, I set out for Diamond City. Charming place really. It was a multi-level settlement within a baseball field. My compliments to the genius who thought of this.

Fallout 4_20151128092805.jpg

From there, I met a journalist named Piper who kept talking about this secret scientific powerhouse called The Institute. She claimed that The Institute would kidnap people and replace them with these robotic humans named Synths. Sort of like The Terminator back in the day, except these guys are real and they can fool anyone that they’re human.

I wanted to tell her that back in my day, we also had a scary “scientific” powerhouse and all sorts of conspiracy theories would sprout from speculations about them. We called them The Scientologists.

I also saved a human-like robot named Nick Valentine. Finally, a sign that I am in the future. The robot was very much like a human, and the only way you can tell that he couldn’t be dissected for a Biology class was the exposed mechanical machine seen through the cuts of his “flesh.” That and his eyes were creepy.

Fallout 4_20151122171638.jpg

Nick is actually a rejected synth turned helpful detective. He helped me track down a lead towards my son’s kidnapper. His name was Kellogg. I say was, because we tracked him down easily and offed him shortly with two grenades and a couple of bullets to the head. The idiot even tried to go invisible. Not so smooth.

He validated the existence of The Institute and informed me that my son was being taken care of by the group. He didn’t tell me where the damn Institute was located, and instead spewed out the same stale villainous cliches from old movies: “You don’t find the Institute, the Institute finds you.”


After the whole ridiculous Institute charade, Nick decided that we should team up with Piper. I don’t mind. She’s crafty and hungry for the truth. If she’s willing to take big risks, then she’s someone I need. The brilliant synth also got a piece of Kellogg’s barely human brain and came up with an idea to go to this place called “The Memory Den.” From there we’ll try to extract Kellogg’s memories so we could see for ourselves where The Institute is.

Now I’m no bio-engineer, but the feat sounds impossible to do. But this is 2287 after all. Science and technology must have grown leaps and bounds after the war.

“The Memory Den” is in a town called Goodneighbor. The trek to the location isn’t too far, but I was warned that Goodneighbor is not exactly… “good,” so before heading out I guess I should probably stock up on resources.

Time to check up on my settlements.





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