It’s quite clear that Filipino gamers are some of the most passionate fans in the world. Although there are more than a handful of times where Filipino gamers can annoy the crap out of foreigners due to their toxic tendencies, it is known that most Filipino gamers have strong loyalties to the games they play and the brands they use.

As much as it is unwise, Filipino gamers would even do their best to save all their money just to buy a game they’ve been waiting for even a year before its release, or will invest as much as they can to anything that will make their gaming experience more optimized and comfortable.

Case in point: the “unbelievable” turn out of the ribbon-cutting event for the RazerStore in the Philippines. Most Filipino gamers would consider this event a monumental one for the Filipino gaming community. To them, it feels like the gaming community is being supported by a brand they are very loyal to.

I was witness to the crazy opening of Razer’s concept store and though I’d like to use a word other than “crazy,” it really is the best way to describe it. Even Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s CEO, labeled it as such.

People were lined up as early as 1 PM on Friday even though the opening was 10 AM Saturday. And they all did their best to stay as orderly as possible, but a bungle from the event organizer and the sudden arrival of a horde of fans by Saturday dawn, turned it all into a riot. I won’t name names as I can’t verify the validity of the statements of fans there.

Despite everything though, gamers were still happy that a top-tier gaming brand decided to set up shop in the Philippines. Granted, Razer did not disappoint. The shop looked like it came out of a science fiction movie, and everything available could be tested out.

Still, from loud angry chants to audible gasps of excitement and giddiness, it shows how passionate Filipino gamers are when it comes to the things they love. Not even a mishap will stop them from getting what they want.

And it’s actually what got Razer to open up a store in the country in the first place. An online poll was set up after the first RazerStore opening in Taipei to determine where the company should set up shop next. Obviously, the Philippine gaming community sounded out the loudest. It was enough for Min to even defend the decision to open up a shop in the country despite critics saying other countries are wealthier and can afford their products more.

In fact the massive opening is proof of the pudding that the hearts and wallets of Filipino gamers are ready for something bigger. We are fiercely loyal gamers willing to put in extra effort to prepare are wallets for games and items that up our experience. Razer has taken note of this and I sincerely hope other gaming brands, companies, and investors look at our gamers the same way too.

A few years down the line I want to see bigger e-sports tournaments held in MoA or the Philippine Arena. I want to see international brands to sponsor and support professional Filipino gamers. I want to see more gaming brands set up shop in our malls. I want to see gaming companies bringing their offices in the country to attract talented individuals to build their games. Heck, I want to see a local gaming company develop the next Game of the Year title.

I probably am thinking too much but I think this is all very possible. Gamers are willing to support and help the industry thrive. It’s all up to the industry itself to give some love back to the local community to really get the ball rolling.


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