It’s been awhile since I placed Far Cry 4 in my PS4’s disk tray. Yes, I know I said that I did love the game in an instant when I first played it. Something just didn’t feel right when I continued going through the next missions. It made me realize that it is good that I do have these reviews, because as the game progresses, your view changes.

Keep in mind though, this isn’t me giving up on the game. It just made me realize how different it is from the games I usually play.


The game so far…

After escaping from Pagan Min I am introduced to the Golden Path. I then find out that I am the son of the group’s founder. I hang around at their base and I am introduced to the other mechanics of the game via narrative and main missions. The pacing then got a little confusing then because I had no idea if I was really advancing the main story or not.

This is when I stopped playing for awhile because I was afraid it might get repetitive and I was still rusty with the controls and the game play. Even though I enjoyed the playing style, I was still dying most of the time because I didn’t have a full grasp of the very interactive world in the game.

I took a breather and got back to it after a week though and while I’m still struggling a bit, I’ve slowly gotten used to this world. It’s becoming more and more evident though that on a personal note, I’m playing the game for almost purely its narrative.

So as the story continues, I’m kicking ass and killing Pagan’s soldiers, I discover that the group has a pretty messed up problem. Their two leaders are divided, which makes them an ineffective group. Cue in the one mechanic that I will require of many Action RPGs to come:

You are given the choice to follow Amita’s mission or Sabal’s mission, and it will affect the game. Now I’m not completely sure how different the game will be depending on the choice you make. The mission objectives are definitely different. But I am a huge sucker for mechanics that allow you to make a choice and not just whether or not I want to advance the game or not. Assassin’s Creed games should be able to have that mechanic.

I’ve also started hunting and crafting. It’s fun and easy, but what makes the game great is that it doesn’t just let you to hunt willy-nilly. Different events happen at the same time. Some of which lets you choose whether or not you want to push through the events. Others just interfere with your activity, prompting you to deal with it as fast as you can. It’s annoying, but it’s what makes the game great. It really emphasizes how the environment is alive and it shows you just the kind of chaos the country is in. In fact, I would stretch to say that the world of Far Cry 4 is even better than that of any Assassin’s Creed games.

I’ve also had the privilege to meet Longinus and he’s now my second favorite secondary character. He’s funny, he’s twisted, and his dialogue is tailored to perfection. Props to the writers of this game because the characters are just wonderfully made!

What I expect in the next progression…

  • I need more Pagan.
  • I want to see how big of an impact does my choices make in the game.
  • The game still lacks a bit more back-story from where I am at, so I’m still waiting for the narrative to explain to me how everything happened and how Pagan happened.
  • For now, I’m still not used to how the game progresses. It’s either I’m easily confused and I’ll get it eventually or it really is just a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

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