I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series from HBO as well as A Song of Ice and Fire from which the television series is heavily based on. Every sudden death and every painful plot twist gives me satisfaction that I’ve rarely felt in many fictional works of all media formats.

So when I found out Telltale games, a developer widely known for the interactive emotional rollercoaster rides they offer to gamers, came up with a game for the Game of Thrones, I was on board immediately.

I got the game’s episode one and played it on a very free weekend, and I have to say, Telltale games nailed it from the get go.

The suspense was high up from the introduction alone. You are immediately brought into “The Red Wedding,” where you play as a squire for House Forrester. And if you’ve watched the original series and read the books, you know that nothing good will come out of that scene.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that you won’t play as a character in one of the great houses in the series. In addition to the squire, you also get to play as the third-born son, and the first-born daughter of the Forrester House. It’s an interesting twist and the format is similar to that of the book, where you get the point-of-views of the different characters. It’s through them that you discover that House Forrester’s woes is almost as painful as the Starks’, Lannisters’, and Targaryens’.

You will immediately deal with problems in the family, problems in running a “state”, and perhaps the most difficult of all, problems with being thrown into “the game of thrones.”

Telltales not only nailed the plot twists, the gore, and what not. Telltales also nailed the intense mental and emotional conflict that one goes through in the Game of Thrones. Every choice you make will most definitely affect the decision of very influential people in the series. Characters such as Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, and Margaery Tyrell, will be paying attention to what you say and what you do. Amazingly, the way the original characters are portrayed is completely similar to how they are in the books and the show. Cersei is cunning and intimidating, Tyrion is witty and kind when he wants to, and Margaery is charming and congenial. It’s tough to please them all, and yet you have to go through the motions and choose wisely for the best possible outcome of your character (or the worst, if you have a mind as “brilliant” as George R.R. Martin’s).

There will be more to come as the next episodes are released and I can’t wait to go through every single one of them and possibly be reduced to tears and incoherent screams.

As a bonus, I’ve recorded my sessions and uploaded them to Youtube. I’ll upload more of these after the holidays.


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