I was never interested in checking out the Far Cry series. Even when the name “Vaas” was coming out of everyone’s mouths, I never really gave it attention. Too busy was I marveling in the world of Assassins, waiting for Devil May Cry’s reboot, and mourning for the death of Cortana, that I paid no heed to the cry of… Far Cry.


And now as Ajay Ghale is given a warm welcome by Pagan Min, I too, feel as if Pagan Min was welcoming me to the Far Cry franchise.

The game so far…

Because I haven’t played Far Cry 3, I have nothing to compare Far Cry 4 with. That being said, looking at some of Ubisoft’s video game offerings, Far Cry 4, may very well be the top Ubisoft game for me.

As with almost all triple A games, the graphics are well done. But Far Cry 4’s atmosphere is a breath of fresh air (quite literally). Nature comes alive in the game and the open world you play around in looks, sounds, and feels vivid, fresh, and wild. Nevermind the fact that you are within an unstable and bloodthirsty dictator’s state.

The gameplay is also entertaining and has a bit of the classic FPS approach. Ajay’s arsenal is quite creative. Aside from throwing rocks to distract your enemy, you can throw hearts of dead animals around to attract predators and kill or harm them in the process. Do note that you aren’t safe from the predator’s clutches. If seen, it can also run to you and harm you. You can also enjoy the scenery with gliders, and other vehicles, which is great fun to do if you just want to relax.

The pacing at the beginning is rapid. You are thrown into Pagan Min’s arms (not literally), then treated to lunch with your undercover “terrorist” friend, and then you witness a horrid torturing, only to be saved by a ton of other “terrorists.” There’s no time for tutorials and hand-holding. You go through the ordeal alone with just a few in-game instructions to go with.

Finally, Pagan Min just became one of my favorite video game characters of all time. And I’ve only seen him for less than 10 minutes! His choice moments include:

  • “You don’t text for help, you scream for help.” Where he teaches my terrorist companion the proper way to ask for aid whilst threatening to throw him off the window.
  • He takes a selfie with me after just stabbing a man to death with his pen.
  • He gives me a briefing of who he is using money with his face on it.
  • He calls me while I’m wandering in the forest, tells me he understands that I was “upset” with the food and promises to serve better lunch, and then says: “That’s the last time I’m kidnapping a celebrity chef.”

Can someone please tell me what kind of fucked up world did he grow up in, to become such a colorful, charismatic, and psychotic dictator?

What I expect in the next progression…

  • A better understanding of Ajay’s past. Why was his father treated like a hero? Why did Pagan say his mother fell in love with him?
  • A more in-depth look into what and who exactly is “The Golden Path?”
  • An elaborate Pagan Min backstory must be done, as well as more interaction with the villain.
  • More tricks to use and more activities to do in the open world.
  • More complex missions.

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