Note: If you haven’t read my first progressive review, please click here. Progressive reviews are basically my continuous thoughts after achieving major developments within the game up until I reach the ending. This is the second installment of my series for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

So I’ve just completed my first major assassination, and I’ve discovered a new conspiracy after killing one of the men responsible for my stepfather’s death.

And then…

Shit happens. Just… read it.


The game so far…

While the game hasn’t presented me with anything that would make me do a 180 from my previous positive outlook, I’m still left rather confused after finishing my first kill. In fact, I’m quite worried now.

It’s only during and after this first kill that I realize how much the Assassin’s Creed franchise has changed. The old saying/theme of “Nothing is true, everything is permitted,” is no longer as resonant as it used to be. The focus has shifted from protecting humanity, to the rivalry between Assassins and Templars. At least, that’s how I’m seeing it so far. Even in the actual universe scenario, the main driving factor for you to continue your quest is that so that the Templars won’t use you. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how the game pans out. Though I will say that I would like for this game to return to its roots and reinforce the Assassin’s philosophy more.

As for our boy Arno, he’s definitely more mature than younger Ezio. But I don’t quite understand yet how that came to be. Yes, Arno’s still in love with Elise, and that’s not really the best situation you want to be in since Elise is a Templar. Why was he seeking redemption from the death of his stepfather in the first place? When his stepfather was a Templar, and his father an Assassin. And he should have understood by now the long standing bloody war between the two factions. The only possibility I can think of for his outlook and actions is that this game will probably unite both factions. While I think it would be a great move, the plot twist’s “foundation” better be strong enough for me to accept it.

Another concern of mine, is this weird time and alternate universe jump that happens right after a kill. While you’re playing the game, the Templars almost catches you, and your Assassin tech team opens up a portal for you to jump in so that the Templars don’t get to you. You end up in a different era in Paris and it’s just like you entered a time warp. I definitely do not agree with this move, and I truly hope that there is a legitimate reason within the plot before I conclude that this weird and new addition is actually a good idea. If say, it’s a build up to some bigger event in the real world, then I would accept it. If it’s just so Ubisoft could experiment and let fans see what it’s like if an old period assassin jumped to a different era, then no, it’s unacceptable.

Gameplay wise, I love the new approach to assassination. You can think of different ways to kill your target, and it’s a ton of fun figuring things out on your own, rather than just having a clear cut path to victory. This makes me more excited to try out the co-op mode. I’d love to see what me and a bunch of others are capable of in assassination missions.

On the technical aspect, I still haven’t encountered any major issues, except that now, I could see a bit of frame dropping. Which is a little frustrating since the game looks beautiful but I can’t fully enjoy and experience it when the frame drops. Other than that though,¬†everything is good. Still, for now I’m waiting for the patches to fix the bugs so that I won’t run into any major problems that would prevent me from enjoying and reviewing the game.

Expectations for the next progression

  • They better give a better reason for those time jumps, or I will be highly disappointed.
  • I imagine Co-op will be a struggle because of my internet connection, but I’ll try this nonetheless. Working with my team should be seamless.
  • I’m hoping the frame rate will improve after the first few patches.
  • A deeper conflict awaits the Assassins and Templars.
  • I’m hoping to get the bigger picture in the battle of Assassins and Templars in the actual world.
  • After the way assassination missions have changed in the game, I’m not expecting anymore new mechanics.

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