I just arrived from Day One of the E-Sports and Gaming Summit, and I’ve got to say, the event was not too shabby.

There’s a lot to see at ESGS, and most notable for me is the inclusiveness of a lot of aspects in the gaming industry. Aside from the popular professional e-sports tournaments, there are game demos from both mainstream and indie developers of PC and mobile platforms. There’s a large area for a lot of gaming genres as well.  FPS, MOBA, Fighting, RPG, and Indie games are all well represented in the convention.

I’d like to delve into more detail, but that would have to wait until tomorrow, where I’ll tell you my full experience, as well as my opinions on ESGS. If you’re heading to the convention tomorrow, send me a message or an email, and maybe we could meet up.

For now, here are some photos.

More photos to be posted soon.


5 thoughts on “Preview | E-Sports and Gaming Summit

    1. Yes. It’s amazing how much effort is now being put for the gaming industry to thrive in the country. Even Senator Bam Aquino recorded a special video for the early birds of the event! More details coming soon. 🙂


  1. Hey, Nadster. It’s Benedict, the guy you met at the entrance queue of the ESGS. I agree with you the event is so hardcore awesome like the organizers satisfied my interest on my first time attending in a convention. About Alodia, IT WAS SUPER! I even had a selfie with her (though the shot isn’t quite good though but it was my DP on my FB). I feel super ecstatic meeting her in person after that and it lasted until I got back home. Anyway, it is REALLY nice to meet a new friend like you who is 100% geek and blogger. (P.S> I even added you in League of LKegends)


    1. Hey there, Benedict! Glad to see you here. Thanks for checking out my blog and adding me on LoL. 🙂 I should be able to accept your request within the week (just re-formatted my PC). I’m glad you enjoyed your first convention. See you in-game! 🙂


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