*This was originally posted on my old Tumblr account on July 27, 2014.

It’s been two years since I’ve fallen in love with Kingdoms of Amalur (KoA). I first saw its trailer as a Youtube ad which I didn’t skip, and rarely do I skip Youtube Ads.

Though I didn’t buy it on its release date, I bought it the minute I first saw it at our local video game store. I expected a lot from the game as I just finished the disappointment that was Fable 3. I was hoping it would engage me better than Fable 3 did, and that it would be a game I would play for hours, days, and months.

And it didn’t disappoint. I’ve just finished the main campaign AGAIN last week.

Now, I won’t write a full review because this game came out around two years ago and we’ve all heard about how good it is.

Rather, I’d like to write about how KoA had so much potential that had its franchise continued it could have *gasp* rivaled Skyrim.

True, KoA couldn’t hold a candle to the graphics of Skyrim. And even though KoA had a huge world, Skyrim was a behemoth.

However, KoA easily takes the cake when it comes to combat, game play, and mechanics.

While Skyrim’s combat felt clunky and dragging, KoA felt fluid, creative, and down-right awesome. Combat never gets boring or frustrating in KoA. It rewards you for coming up with different ways to bring terror to your enemies.  Its combat had huge depth that Skyrim never had.

Also, while Skyrim does allow you to choose how you want your character to be, it feels limited compared to the freedom KoA gives you. KoA allows you to experiment freely with what type of character you would like to be, and you can explore any type of character and experience its full potential as you do so. It’s the one mechanic that I think every RPG should have.

Many would say that KoA was generic and it felt like a bunch of mystical-themed RPGs melded together. Sure, KoA’s main quest was very predictable, but the the many side quests and faction quests made up for it. Most games would have side quests that feel ridiculous despite being it partially in-line with the main narrative. Most of KoA’s side quests and faction quests actually made sense and truly supplemented the main narrative. You could tell that almost each quest was well thought-out and in total would give you an in-depth picture of how the main narrative affects every character and every class in the game.

There were, of course, annoying bugs. And the game had flaws that would frustrate me from time to time. The main plot was predictable (gather your merry band of characters and fight evil), the open world wasn’t as open as I thought it would be, and the quests weren’t as organized as I would have liked.

Still, I believe that Kingdoms of Amalur is a great game that is severely underrated and can be greater had it been given a chance.

If you feel that you want to hear more about KoA and how great the game really was, I’ve handpicked a couple of reviews for you:

[From Rock, Paper, Shotgun] Why Didn’t Everyone Play Kingdoms of Amalur?

[From Forbes] Kingdoms of Amalur Vs. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

[From Angry Joe] Kingdoms of Amalur Angry Review

If by some miracle 38 Studios would be brought back to life after the scandal and be able to make a sequel, I would jump on it immediately. It’s already disheartening to hear such a great game easily fade away in the face of powerful mainstream ones. It’s even sadder to hear that the franchise may never continue or be picked up by another company.

With that being said, do you agree that Kingdoms of Amalur should have had a sequel? What do you think are other games that are underrated and should have been given more attention in the industry?


2 thoughts on “Kingdoms of Amalur: The Game that Got Away

  1. I’ve just read your review on WatchDogs as well as this one, both very well written! I saw you give WatchDogs 7.5 which is fair as someone who has played it but wonder what you’re overall rating of KoA is? I’ve yet to play it but the reviews have described it as a game I should enjoy, the timing of its release was extremely unfortunate! Nice review 🙂


    1. I’m glad you liked them! I would give KoA an 8/10, it has minor flaws that can easily be overlooked because of its fun almost hack-and-slash type combat, game and leveling mechanics, and grand narrative that is well enhanced by faction quests that make sense and are actually worth doing. Happy gaming! 🙂

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